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We, through Vasthu Consultancy aim to provide a complete knowledge, assistance and services to the people based on traditional architectural principles to ensure a society with harmonious, salubrious & peaceful existence to enhance the quality of life & uplifting of human race.

Vasthu consultancy unit offers the following services
:: Whether a particular site is suitable for the construction of the proposed building.
:: Ascertaining and marking the suitable plot in the given site plan.
:: Verification of the proposed building plan with the vasthu principles.
:: Suggesting the various rectification measures to be made in the proposed plan.
:: Right time to start building construction.
:: To verify whether an already existing building is in accordance with vasthu principles.
:: Rectification measures to be made in the existing building,
:: Instruction regarding the layout of shops as per vasthu principles.
:: Instruction regarding the layout of offices as per vasthu principles.
:: Instruction for extension on existing building.
For more details please provide the following information either by Email or Post
:: Name of the owner of the plot/house/shop/office
:: Date, place and time of birth of the owner
:: Site plan of the proposed site with following details
A. North direction.
B. Slope of the site.
C. Whether there is any temple or any other places of worship within 100 meters of the proposed site. If yes give details, direction, distance etc.
:: The geographical location and exact address of the particular site
:: Proposed sketch and plan with correct measurements
(For new building)
:: Measurements of the existing building
(For rectification of the existing building or for extensions)
:: Position of the counter for shops/offices
:: Internal layout of the office

Vasthu Academy
Vasthu Academy, Uppalam Road, Statue, Trivandrum-695001
Ph:0471-2469193, Mob: 9447521103
 Email: enquiry@vasthuacademy.com


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