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Theory Behind Vasthu
Man has no separated life. The life of all flora and fauna is totally inter related. According to sacred books of Vedas, "Yatra Viswam Bhavathyeka Needam" i.e. this universe is situated as a bird nest. Here you enter the realm of 'Advaitha' (Theory of Non-Duality). The exceptional universal outlook of Vasthu Vidya is derived from the Theory of Advaitha. This thought will elevate your mind beyond the modern Chaos Theory and Uncertainity Theory.

We can see that Vasthu Vidya combines human endeavor with the rhythm of the echo system, through a wonderful planning. You can build your house in large or small plot. But here Vasthu Vidya strictly demands to study and obey the geographical features of your plot. The reasons are too simple but majestic. For example, according to Vasthu Vidya a house should build towards east-west or south-north direction. There is strong reason in it. The earth rotates from West to East per day and by one year it revolves to North from South. When we travel, it is better to be seated in same direction of our vehicle.

Ayurveda discovered that the flow of air and the fall of sunlight in a region excert great impact upon man's emotions and bodily requirements. Thus, ancient architectural works could provide rare conclusions in the construction of houses where light and air abide plenty. Recent researches proved that these houses nurture the mind, the body, and the sexual well-being of the users.

Vasthu and Architecture
Today is an age of specialization and architecture has metamorphosised into several disciplines. This has resulted into fragmented approach and disruption of age-old traditions; the insular thinking is due to present changing socio-cultural structure-from rural to urban, from social to economic and from community to individualistic. Architecture has, usually, not been able to recognize the social, economic, environmental and other changes that are taking place in the country.

There is a widespread restlessness and lack of psychological fulfillment, in spite of higher level of physical comfort. The people are searching for alternatives to these problems in a rather simple manner and adopting geometric patterns and codes of the so-called Science of Vasthu.

However, due to the growing awareness, it has other side also. Architecture is in the process of precipitation and there is a strong urge to relate architecture to metaphysical and psychic experience. With the renewed interest in heritage of Science of Vasthu, the scholars and architects are studying and exploring the traditional Indian literature.

Eco-friendly Architecture
Vasthu Vidya is relying out and out on the eco-friendly bio-human methods. It prefers human experience to mechanical engineering when it begins by checking the soil, simply by tasting it. It will convince you that water is but the blood of earth.

Like the blood circulating through nerves lying downwards and upwards in parts of the human body, the water circulating through the internal nerves of the earth. Here the earth is not an object of consuming; but a pulsating life!

Vasthu Vidya suggests various eco friendly building materials. It rejects the terrible and harmful 'concrete culture'. Vasthu Vidya pleads for diversity in this matter according to geographical peculiarities of plots.

Vasthu Vidya insists on land fertility and environmental pleasure. 'Green Belt' is a modern idea in European thought; but it has been practicing for centuries by Vasthu Vidya. There is a concept of planting the Tamarind Tree in the south direction of the house. So, that it checks and absorbs the strong flow of solar wind. Some new Indian studies have also proved the scientific basis of this outlook. This is the time of terrible environmental pollution. There is hole appears in the ozone layer, which helps the earth to protect it from the dangerous rays of the sun. Here Vasthu Vidya shows a path of salvation to you.

Vasthu - An Applied Science
Vasthu Vidya is an applied science of all Indian learning. The Indian Astronomy, which discovered the structure of solar system and eclipse of stars at first, leads Vasthu Vidya; The great Indian Mathematics gives it exactness; The Indian art tradition, which wrote poetry in metal and stone, make it beautiful; The great Indian medicine which discovered surgery before Christ gives it a human phase; The Indian Botany, which includes the great visions of Saint Athreya who proclaimed that there is no single plant in this nature that is not useful to mankind, gives openness to it. Yes, it is the only way of natural life of which the modern world wants!


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