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Brihadsamhitha: The great encyclopaedic work in the realm of Astronomy; written by Varahamihira. This great work has hundred and six chapters, about all subjects of human life. ‘Vasthuvidya’ comes as the 53rd chapter of this book and it is one of the largest chapters.

Manushyalaya Chandrika: written by Thirumangalathu Neelakandan Moose in AD 16th century. The precious volume contains the scientific principles of Vasthu construction of houses.

Tantra Samuchayam: written by Chennaas Narayanan Namboothiripad in AD 15th century. The renowned volume specifies the implementation of Vasthu in Temple constructions.

Mayamata: considered to be written by Mayan in AD 11th century. It’s an inevitable reference to Temple construction, building of houses and ascertainment of plots.

Manasaram: contains only the voluminous descriptions of Vasthu vidya calculations.

Viswakarma Prakashika: written by Viswakarma, the Devasilpi (Principal Architect of Gods).

Silparatnam: writings on interior decorations of Temples by Sreekumaran.

Samarankana Sutradhara: considered to be written by Bhojan and is a magnum opus in the field of Vasthu vidya.


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