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Remember, a photogallery of this type can never achieve or represent the greatness and diversity of Vasthuvidya, which it earned through centuries! Here you can see some landmarks only. Don't forget the fact that an original gallery must be large and vast and the land portion of India, Pakistan, Srilanka and whole South-East Asia.


The Indus Valley civilization (Harappan Civilization) which was first discovered in Harappa and flourished around 2,500 B.C. It was home to the largest of the four ancient urban civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China. Indus Valley remnants have been discovered from as far south as Mumbai [Bombay], in Maharashtra State, India, and up north until the Himalayas and northern Afghanistan. The westernmost sites are on the Arabian sea coast in Baluchistan, Pakistan, right next to the Iranian border. A thousand miles to the east in India, Harappan settlements have been found beyond Delhi in Uttar Pradesh State. Discoveries in Gujarat State suggest a southern coastal network spanning hundreds of miles.

Since 1986, the joint Pakistani American Harappa Archaeological Research Project (HARP) has been carrying out the first major excavations at the site in forty years. These excavations have the shown Harappa to have been far larger than once thought, perhaps supporting a population of 50,000 at certain periods.


In the age of Vedas the main construction medium is wood. So we cannot get concrete evidences except literary evidences only.

Buddhist age started with Emperor Ashoka's grand construction of his pillars & columns, all over India. Then comes the stage of Buddha Vihara and cave temples like Ajantha, Ellora, Gaya and Rajgir etc. Later this style emigrated to South East Asia with Buddhism and developed as dialects.

1. Gate of Sanchi Column - The column is built by Emperor Ashoka. This is the earliest phase of Indian temple Vasthuvidya.

2. Ashoka's Iron Pillar - New Delhi - The greatest monuments of the victory of Indian building technology. This Iron Pillar has been fighting with rust and waning through the centuries! A piece of wonder for modern science!


Hindu religious constructions started with Gupta Empire. During this time of Cholan Emperors it emigrated to Srilanka and South-East Asia. In these regions, even now you can see great temples.

1. Konark - The famous temple of Lord Sun at Orissa. The whole temple was constructed in the shape of a big chariot on which the rising sun comes every morning. The greatest piece of North Indian temple art.
2. Khajuraho - Another example of North Indian /style. The temple is famous for elegant erotic sculptures.
3. Madhura Meenakshi Temple - One of the biggest temples in India. This temple is a typical example for South Indian temple art, which is famous for great gate towers. These towers are full of beautiful engravings.
4. Birla Temple - New Delhi - This charming temple is constructed by the Birlas, the famous India businessmen on 20th century. The distinctness of this temple is the installation at the idols of three different Gods - Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu & Lord Buddha under one roof. This is the modern phase of temple Vasthuvidya.


1. Jain Temple, Kolkatha - An example of Jain temple style, which is a sprout of India temple Vasthuvidya.
2. Golden Temple - Sacred temple of Sikh religion at Punjab.
3. Thalasserry Mosque
4. St. Mary's Church - Kudamaloor
5. Synagogue - Cochin

Examples for Indian form of mosques and churches, constructed under the patronage of Hindu rulers. Some of them are oldest in the world; but Vasthuvidya preserves them.


Until the time of Akbar the great, the Persian architecture remained here as a foreign cult. But Akbar pleaded for Hindu - Persian cultural symbiosis. Thus the peculiar Mughal cult emerged. During the time of the building of this capital city, Fathepur Sikri, Akbar invited the architects all over India to co-operate with the building works.

1. Divan - E - Khas - A part of Akbar's palace
2. Buland Darvasa - The monument of his victory over Deccan province.
3. Agra Fort.


In India, the forts and palaces are not only the dwelling places of the dynasties. They played the role of the nucleus of government administration.

1. Dathiya Palace - Madhya Pradesh
2. Kowadiar Palace of Travancore dynasty, Kerala
3. Mysore Palace, Karnataka


Vasthuvidya provides the apt technology to all modern building wants. Some realization of this fact:

1. Gandhi Smarak - Kanya Kumari
2. VJT Hall - Trivandrum
3. Rashtrapathi Bhavan - The residence of Hon. Indian President.


The traditional house model of Kerala. The peculiarity of the 'Nalukettu' is 'Nadumuttam', that is an open space in the center of the house. In other wise all rooms constructing around the 'Nadumuttam'. This brings plenty of air and light in to the house. In this manner your house is made as a splinter of this devine nature!



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