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Vasthu Vidya: A History
The word Vasthu Vidya calls your attention the wonderful world of a practical science, which is too ancient, but still alive! It has been building social life of a nation for centuries! Above all, it suggests a counter life culture towards our modern problematic culture. That is Vasthu Vidya, the Indian science of Architecture.

Vasthu Vidya, the intrinsic building technology of India, originated beyond 10000 B.C at Indus Valley Civilization. The Archaeological remnants of this culture including multi-storied buildings, towns with efficient drainage system and ship docks, situating at northern India remain a piece of wonder for modern technology. Remember, this is the birthplace of Indian Vasthu Vidya!

The Jain- Budhist architecture and Maurya - Pallava- Chola - Pandya cults are only some branches of this great ancient tree. Great numbers of theoretical books have written in this subject. Large numbers of old Temples, palaces and other archaeological monuments have been remaining without any flow of history, proclaiming the greatness of this science. Now in India, the major portion of people following the system of Vasthu Vidya in their construction works. The builders are traditional caste in India also.

Here we should note a valuable fact. The all other civilization had their own architecture. But now all of them exist only in archaeological pieces! But Vasthu Vidya is still alive and expansive. This Miracle of history is only the result of its scientific practicality. Vasthu Vidya covers the universe by its universality.

Residence construction, Temple construction, Settlement located in between two nations or two large cities, Military settlement construction, Urban settlement, Commercial town settlement etc have been specialised in Vasthu Vidya. Above all, it considers the planet earth as 'Vasthu' as a whole. It scientifically favours financial prosperity and smooth management by an office arrangement. 

Vasthu Goes With the Nature!
Vasthu Vidya emphasises utmost coherence with nature. The sublimity and scientific basis of this sacred science have been proved undoubtedly by the recent earthquakes happened in Gujarat. The disaster could not make any harm on any temples there.

Vasthu Vidya accepts the nature as it is. The nature and its life power appear before man not as atoms or elements, but as Panchabhutas (Five principal elements). They are Prithvi (Earth), Paani (Water), Vayu (Wind), Agni (Fire), Akash (Ether). The Hindu mind recognised the fact that the life on earth is a divine symphony, conducting by these elements. So, the human being should accord with its rhythm.

All these five elements sustain life on the planet and are neutral in their attitude towards us. They are unbiased, impartial and universal in effect - yet we cannot control them. In an open field, these elements operate freely and there is equilibrium. When a structure is placed in this field, the equilibrium is affected (sometimes in a chaotic manner) and needs to be restored. When this is achieved - energy flows harmoniously, making lives well balanced. Vasthu sets our position in creating balance between human beings  and the environment in a manner to absorb the benefits of the five elements, the cosmic influence of the Sun, its light and heat, the direction of the wind and of our planet's magnetic field.


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