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Vasthu: How much Beneficial for You?
Vasthu, in the built form, is the way to achieve a rhythmic inner space, which would give the necessary strength for acting in the world outside despite the pain and the problems of life. Vasthu harmonizes one's life with nature, allowing one to unfold to their optimum potential.

A building designed with the principles of Vasthu and numerical calculations of Ayadi (receiving more and spending less energy) affects the individuals in three ways- physical, psychological and spiritual.

Provides comfort, ease of use, convenience achieved by paying attention to space, high, ventilation, good circulation, comforts, color, form.

Creates well-being, unlocks the tensions, enhances relationships inwardly and outwardly.

Awakens the urge for understanding the meaning of life and death and evokes the quest for touching something more deep within and without.

By ensuring that all three aspects of a person's life are touched, evoked, activated and harmonized, the entire universe of the spirit is opened up and made ware. This complete or holistic action is the strength of Vasthu. 

The use of this science is fast spreading in modern day India, with more and more people paying attention to the principles of Vasthu while planning for their residential and commercial premises.

Vasthu consultation could be very helpful if you are purchasing or renting a house, or designing a home. It is especially recommended if you are facing problems and hurdles in life, or if there is lack of harmony at home or work. 

What we need today is a perfect Manifestation of our old heritage, i.e., Vedic Architecture (Vasthu) and the house which is consistent with times prevalent, and thus the emergence of Vasthutecture as a need. 


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