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Vasthu Academy

Vasthu Academy is a center to cater the contemporary need for the study and research in traditional architecture. It proposes an online correspondence course on traditional architecture, which is intended for the interested. The course is being conducted by a group of eminent scholars in this discipline under the leadership of Brahmasri Kanippayoor Krishnan Namboothiripadu, the last word in traditional Indian architecture.

The ancient India, comprised of great men of boundless spirituality who divided the source of knowledge into four and constituted four Vedas, had a rich heritage and enriched culture. But the new generation failed to absorb its significance in modern times and thus failed to modify or reconstitute its vastness and meanings. Though Indian continent is renowned to be the land of spiritual awakenings, we failed to pursue deep into the roots of ancient teachings and scriptures.

Vasthu Academy is meant to popularize Sthapathya Veda, an innate branch of Great Atharva Veda, and its principles. We designed an online correspondence course on Vasthu Vidya by absorbing its significance in modern life and style. It also offers consultancy services based on traditional architectural principles.

Jyothisham Academy
Jyothisham academy is conducting deep research and studies in this divine science. The main objective of this research is to interpret it with the present day means and needs.


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